I (Psychic_313) did not make any of the following models, but I did the Unrealscript code for them and ended up hosting them. I've left this page here for the benefit of people looking for the models at their old URLs, and also because some of the authors have disappeared off the face of the Web :-(

All of these models require Unreal Tournament version version 436, and Advanced Model Support version 1.01 or later.


Space Marine 40K version 2.01

Banner image: Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine

An Adeptus Astartes or "Space Marine" - a genetically-engineered, heavily armoured super-soldier from Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000.

"The Space Marines - Created in the distant past through genetic manipulation and arcane science, Space Marines are Humanity's ultimate warriors, dedicated to the defense of the Emperor and the Imperium of Man. A Space Marine army is a compact force of elite warriors, each one the equivalent of ten normal men. From the steadfast reliablity of a Space Marine Tactical Squad to the alien-blasting power of the Predator Annihilator Tank, a Space Marine Army is flexible enough to defeat any opponent."


Original Quake III model by Chris Glenn
(boltgun seen in Player Setup by Skillzilla)
Unreal Tournament conversion
Initially converted by James Green and Simon "Psychic_313" McVittie
Upgrade to version 2 by Simon McVittie
Skin authors
Chris Glenn - Crimson Fists (neutral), Ultramarines (blue team), Blood Angels (red team), Dark Angels (green team)
Jeremy Bone - Legion of the Damned (gold team)
James Green - Polishing for conversion

Copyright © Chris Glenn.

Downloads (zipped UMOD, 1.00MB)


Banner image: Wraithguard II

An Eldar Wraithguard war machine from Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40,000'.

"The Eldar each carry upon themselves a small gem called a waystone. In the event of death, the Waystone captures the soul of the Eldar so that it does not fall prey to the Chaos God Slaanesh. In times of great need the greatest of these souls are used to power the Eldar's war machines - Wraithlords and the smaller Wraithguard."


Original UT and Quake 3 models by Mark 'K'Rakarth' Laiman (formerly www.saimhann.freeserve.co.uk; broken link). UT scripting upgrade by Simon McVittie. Copyright © 2001 Mark Laiman.

Downloads (zipped UMOD, 737KB)

War Machine

It's almost a year now since the advanced Liandri Corporation robot known as the "Warboss" or "War Machine Boss" entered the Grand Tournament. While successful in the Deathmatch, it was unable to enter the lucrative team ladders, since the War Machines, its squad of robotic minions, were still held in stasis, entombed in a ZIP-compressed archive on a near-forgotten web server.

Not any more... it appears they've escaped...

The War Machine is a model by Epic Games, which I found in PSK format in one of their skeletal animation tutorials; I assume it's from Playstation 2 UT. It uses the Male Soldier skin layout, and suitably robotic Male Soldier skins work on it with minimal conversion - its default skin is the popular 'War Machine' skin from basic UT, and I've also put together two community skin packs (Hardened Steel and Dark Iron).


Model and default skin
Epic Games, Inc.
Code, compilation, import to Unreal Tournament and skin tweaking
Simon 'Psychic_313' McVittie
Additional skins
Christopher 'Kasarul' Bernert
Tim 'Havoc' Bujnoch
Shane Caudle at Epic Games, Inc.
David 'Mirage' Kamerman (formerly www.mirageskins.com; broken link)
Owen 'Kingspyder' Oliver
'Pain Supplier'
Neil 'KingScurvy' Reynolds
Rick 'Krow' Stirling

This model is not published or supported by Epic Games.

Download main model: zipped umod, 171 KB

Mirrors: BeyondUnreal (UK, Finland, USA, NZ; thanks SkinCity)

Download skin pack 1, Hardened Steel

This skin pack requires the Male Soldier skins Chamber, Metallic, Krow's Mettallian, Overkill and Imperium Commander. If you're missing most of them, you might prefer to download all the Hardened Steel skins at the same time (thanks to Lawgiver for assembling the 'multipack').

After that, you can download utskn-wmach-hsteel-101.zip, which makes these skins available for the War Machine too.

Download skin pack 2, Dark Iron

This skin pack requires the Male Soldier skins AoD, Dark Vortex, Jester, Prototype Mettallian and The Shadow v2. If you're missing most of them, you might prefer to download all the Dark Iron skins at the same time (again, thanks to Lawgiver for the handy 'multipack').

After that, you can download utskn-wmach-darkiron-101.zip, which makes these skins available for the War Machine too.

Info for skin and model authors

I've made skinning information and source code available on separate pages.