The Recon Force and Desert Ops models by Gotham & UDS (see Gotham's website; no direct link available, since it's a inaccessible Flash site) don't work properly in multiplayer, since they're misconfigured.

This mutator is a quick hack to make these models work properly in multiplayer. It should be possible to adapt it for other incorrectly-configured Advanced Model Support models too.


  • Make sure you have Advanced Model Support v110 (this mod requires it)
  • Put the U and INT files in <your UT folder>\System\
  • Add the mutator to all games you serve (actually, you might want to switch it off for team games, since the "team" colours on those models aren't as suitable for CTF as proper team colours).

This is a pure server-side mod and does not need to be in your ServerPackages (it wasn't in mine when I tested it).

What it does

Hacks the default properties of either or both of those models (if you don't have them, nothing should break) to set the flag bRelaxedSkinRules to True.

This makes the anti-skin-hack checking a little less paranoid, which means UT allows itself to use the default skins for these models :-)

If it's working, you should see two messages in the server log, something like this:

ScriptLog: QuickfixMutator_ReconAgent: Found a ReconAgent. Fixing it
ScriptLog: QuickfixMutator_ReconAgent: Found a DesertAgent. Fixing it

(there should only be one message if you only have one of the models, and if you don't have either of them, you don't need this mutator)

It's not working right (probably not loaded) if you see messages like this involving "package ReconAgentSkins":

ScriptLog: dm-deck16][.ReconAgent0 attempted to use illegal skin from package
ReconAgentSkins for Recon

Source code

Source code is included in the classes directory in case you want it. (If your unzip tool is braindead and doesn't preserve directory structure, the source is the .uc file - you don't need this unless you plan to adapt this mutator).


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