Upgraded the entire site to XHTML (the current World Wide Web Consortium recommendation) and sorted out various minor bugs, bits of old HTML 3 markup, etc., as well as removing the Java stuff.

Posted Friday 01 December 2000

Made the navigation stuff accessible for those who have a Java browser but are prevented by paranoid proxy servers from downloading JAR and CLASS files ::coughsixthformcollegecough:: Those in this situation will see a grey box the size of an ad banner and possibly the message "class ps not found". Sorry, you'll just have to ignore it. Scroll down to the bottom of any page and click Frames (the old nav-bar) or Noframes (expect to use the Back button a lot).

Posted Wednesday 22 November 2000

Replaced all frames with a Java nav-bar and added the Undefined section, currently containing some fractal landscape images.

Posted Tuesday 21 November 2000

Uploaded more UTSC data, dated 18th September (I finished the data on the 18th, only got round to uploading on the 19th, and finally altered this news page on the 20th). Oh well, delays happen.

Posted Tuesday 19 September 2000

Many updates:

  • Moved Paradox Productions (minus the out-of-date X-Wing section) and File not found to a new web host at http://www.pseudorandom.co.uk
  • Deleted most of the old pages from http://www.filenotfound.f9.co.uk and replaced them with redirectors to this site. Please update any bookmarks or favourites, as filenotfound.f9.co.uk won't stay there forever.
  • UT System Config 2.1 is out now! Model and voice INT loaders work well, and the skin loader works for most skins (Unreal 1-style skins are a little unreliable, but that's all).
  • Updated Essential Utilities a bit and started adding "You need this if:" headings to each page.
Posted Tuesday 05 September 2000

The next version of UT Server Config will now be called UT System Config 2.1, as it's no longer only a server tool - I've added a client utility which fixes original UT weapons not showing up in the UT priority editor (caused by weapons mods like Infiltration, Insurrection, U4E and so on). It also has a new multiple document interface for bot libraries and datafiles, and features such as INT loading of models in the datafile creator (this is very beta-ish, and skin and voice INT support is still under development). The main new feature is one you won't notice; I've rewritten most of the object-oriented bits to make it more logical. One visible effect of this change is that deleting unwanted stuff from datafiles is now possible.

Posted Sunday 27 August 2000

If you use GoZilla, NetVampire or similar applications, you might want to check http://grc.com/optout.htm for some alarming information about Aureate (a.k.a. Radiate or BinaryBliss) ad-supported freeware apps. I have removed GoZilla from my Essential Utilities section as a result, and I'm looking for a replacement.

Posted Sunday 27 August 2000

UT Server Config 2.0a has absolutely no new features, but the ZIP file is now correct and will decompress properly, unlike 2.0. Apologies to all those who downloaded it.

I've also added some more datafiles.

Posted Monday 14 August 2000

If you use large numbers of digital photos or images, I'd appreciate it if you could help me with my Computing coursework by filling in a questionnaire [there used to be a link here, it's gone now]. Thanks.

Posted Sunday 13 August 2000

UT Server Config 2.0 is now available.

Posted Sunday 13 August 2000

Re-styled both File Not Found and Paradox Productions, merging them into a single site and adding some nice animated GIFs to the nav-bar above. (Note to would-be web page designers: I said nice animated gifs. Please note small file size and lack of rotating @ signs).

UT Server Config 2.0 is nearing completion. It has a vastly improved user interface, proper bot management (it "knows" about models and skins via a system of datafiles), and even a basic datafile creation wizard.

Posted Saturday 12 August 2000

Fixed Crowbar for Half-Life 1101 (I think). Crowbar 1.9 is now available - the new options are hidden away in User/Unknown at the moment. It didn't deserve a whole new version number; I'll release Crowbar 2.0 if I get some of the commands sorted out properly. Also squashed any lingering key-binding bugs, I think.

My 123counter hit counter started to annoy me, so I also installed the MSN FastCounter at the bottom of this page instead.

[Link-rot removal update, late 2002: Crowbar is no longer available]

Posted Thursday 27 July 2000

Don't use Crowbar 1.1 with Half-Life 1100 as it probably doesn't work (not that anything much else does yet). A new version may or may not get done soon depending on how much maths homework I get.

The UT Server Config readme states that a sample bot library is included. This never made it into the zipfile, but I'll put it in the next version (which might use a different library format anyway). [Update 12 Aug 2000: It does have a different format, but it will be able to import old libraries]

Posted Tuesday 27 June 2000

Finished version 1.0 of UT Server Config, a tool for setting up ServerPackages and bots on UT listen or dedicated servers.

Posted Sunday 18 June 2000

Finally got round to uploading some Half-Life decals Rebel sent me a while ago, and moved the entire site to f9 (File Not Found's ISP) in the interests of avoiding ad banners.

News update: I've been doing a bit of mapping in UnrealEd [the map might be finished by next year :-)]. I've also been trying to get UT running under Linux - I'll put up instructions if I can get it working. Finally, Veers over at unreal.gameobserver.net is making a new default face for my Starcraft Terran Ghost skin to replace my Executioner face - I'll release a modified version, with a few detail improvements and so on, when this is finished.

[Link-rot removal update, late 2002: the new face never happened]

Posted Sunday 21 May 2000

Changed some colour schemes around and added a skin to the Unreal Tournament section. The skin is a Terran Ghost from the RTS game Starcraft, for UT's Male Commando model.

[Link-rot removal update, late 2002: the skin is archived here]

Posted Sunday 16 April 2000