Another (better) Terran Ghost skin based on this one, by Iron Chef of the UT Starcraft mod team, has been released. Unfortunately, Iron Chef used the same package name, meaning servers with one Ghost skin will report a package mismatch if joined by a client with the other. To avoid this, if you run a server with my skin (the one downloadable below, not Iron Chef's) please rename "CommandoSkins_stghost.utx" and "" to "CommandoSkins_stghost313.utx" and "", open the INT with Notepad and replace all references to CommandoSkins_stghost with CommandoSkins_stghost313, and change the ServerPackages line to "ServerPackages=CommandoSkins_stghost313". If you wish to join a server with this skin, please either rename the files as shown, or wait for the skin to auto-download. Iron Chef has apologised and will change the package name in any future release.


image: various action shots of the Terran Ghost skin in use
Skin name
Starcraft Terran Ghost
Male Commando
Team skins
  • Default: generic
  • Red: Sons of Korhal
  • Blue: Nova Squadron
  • Green: partial camouflage
  • Gold: Alpha Squadron
Executioner, Hostile Environment, Lockdown, Moebius, Wraith
Comms portaits
For all faces
Designed by
Simon "Psychic" McVittie

Game balance

This skin is a bit dark, but no worse than the default Commando. Team visibility is fine (I tested it by playing CTF with two teams of Ghosts).

Technical details

Texture name prefix
Paint Shop Pro, UnrealEd (Tournament version)
Base skins

Painted over default male Commando.

Uses components from Commando and Necris skins, and Commando and Mercenary faces (Blake, Ramirez, Whitman).

Communications portrait for Executioner taken from Blizzard website.

Tested on UT versions 405b to 432. Thanks to Balefire, Tourettes, NonameB and Painless for testing and opinions.


UMOD version

Just double-click to install. Download the "separate files" version below if it doesn't work.

Separate Files version

Do one of the following.

  • Unzip to your Unreal Tournament folder (e.g. C:\UnrealTournament) with "use folder names" switched on.
  • Unzip to a temporary folder and put the UTX file in the UnrealTournament\Textures folder, the INT file in the UnrealTournament\System folder, and this readme in the UnrealTournament\Help folder.


Playing Unreal Tournament as a Terran Ghost

Use the Enforcer, Shock Rifle, Sniper Rifle and Redeemer. Don't use the Biorifle or Flak Cannon.
Use Invisibility as much as you can. Don't use shieldbelts, they're too conspicuous.
Lurk in dark corners. Snipe from long or medium-long range. Avoid close combat.

Setting up a Ghost Bot

Jumpy Behaviour
Favourite Weapon
Shock rifle or sniper rifle
Combat Style

Conditions of Use

By downloading, distributing or using this skin you agree that:

This skin may be distributed in any way (disk, CD, network, Internet etc), as long as you don't try to make money out of it, and you distribute the whole unmodified Zip file.

This skin may not be sold or distributed for money without my express permission.

You may not distribute modified versions of this skin without my permission. Contact me if you want to base something else on it, I'll probably give you permission to use it and I might even send you the layered PSP files I used to make it.

By using this skin, you accept responsibility for any problems it causes and agree that I am not responsible for any consequences of use.